Royal Turks and Caicos Police Launched new program with Smartwater

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Royal Turks and Caicos Police Launched new program with Smartwater

On Friday 15th April, 2016 The Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police officially launched the ‘Smartwater” a cutting edge traceable liquid product which have been successful in reducing property crimes in other jurisdictions.

According to Antonio Aserio from Smartwater CSI in Florida, “To protect property, owners will have to mark all items which can be from laptops computers to fishing equipment with the liquid. Once dry, the liquid is almost impossible to remove from an item and can only be seen under ultraviolet light.” He continue, “Every bottle of Smartwater carries a unique forensic code, so any marked property can be traced back to the where it came from if stolen.”

According to Assistant Commissioner of Police Mr. Rodney Adams who is leading this initiative: “Years of challenges facing us in the Force with an inability to sometimes positively identify stolen property has prompted an interest in SmartWater since 2009. After many years and effort to source this much needed tool to assist with property crime investigation, we in the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force are delighted to present “TCI PIPP”. “PIPP” stands for: Property Identification Partnership Program.

This partnership program will see the involvement of the Police Force, SmartWater CSI and Communities across the Turks and Caicos Islands working together to tackle crime.

As part of our commitment to make a difference in reducing and detecting property crime we have purchased 1000 kits for distribution across the Islands and to date our “Community Police Officers” have given out over 500 kits.

We are very optimistic about this program and are looking forward to positive end results from this initiative that we feel will assist our officers in effectively and efficiently addressing property crime in our country.

If you wish to have a kit you can contact Assistant Superintendent Hilton Duncan at 232-4383 on Providenciales or Inspector Sandy Williams at 232-6652 on Grand Turk.”

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